We are resolved to save elephants from extinction for future generations. We defend elephants' right to exist in freedom and safety as the ancient guardian species of the earth. "E" is for Elephant — not Extinction. Elephants DC is dedicated to ending the ivory trade worldwide & advancing elephant well-being. 

Education. Advocacy. Inspiration. HOPE!

We advocate on behalf of elephants, sentient beings. The children of all nations deserve to live on a planet where elephants still thrive.    

We are composed of volunteers from across America fighting to ensure the elephant species survive mass acts of extinction currently underway in Africa at a rate of one killed every 15 minutes.  

Elephants DC works to end all ivory sales at home & worldwide. We defend elephants from wild-caught trade & blood ivory commerce. From state laws to international treaties, we decry, rebuke & reject ‘mechanisms’ and ‘conservation’ policies paving the way to profitability at the cost of elephant extinction.   

Elephants DC has worked at the local, state, federal and international levels to advocate for the elephants without compromise since 2013. We successfully led the citizen-effort to end all ivory and rhino horn sales in 2014 across the State of New Jersey and the ban on ‘trophy’ imports of endangered species into the Garden State in 2016. In 2018, a three-year effort for the passage of Nosey’s Law came to fruition with passage in New Jersey which bans the use of elephants, and fellow “exotic” animals from being used in roadside shows and traveling circuses. Elephants DC continues to work in SELECT partnership with fellow-minded advocacy organizations to advance our mission and goals. Elephants DC is an all volunteer nonprofit that serves as a media watch dog for the elephants & fellow endangered species including near-extinct rhinos and critically threatened ecosystems. Elephants DC stands against systematic acts of extinction and fights for options often dismissed by the establishment as “impossible.”

We support anti-poaching and anti-smuggling efforts abroad by advocating for just public policies at home and internationally while raising awareness through education, advocacy, inspiration and HOPE! We have supported reputable field organizations defending wild elephants from slaughter in Africa and Asia since 2013. Next, we are launching the Elephants DC HOPE FOR HEROES Ranger Scholarship with first-year recipients to-be-announced on January 1, 2020.

Always remember, where there is life, there is hope! TOGETHER WE CAN SAVE #TheLastElephants!   

To learn more &  join the herd, call 215-815-7203 or email inquiries to elephantsdc@gmail.com, jensamuel@elephantsdc.org or write us at PO BOX 21, Landenberg PA 19305.

#AbolishIvorySalesUSA #FightExtinction